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          The University of 南安普敦
          University life

          艺术 at University of 南安普敦

          Inspiring arts 和 culture for everyone.

          Drumming Masterclass with Nate Smith, Graham Russell Drums
          Drumming Masterclass with Nate Smith, Graham Russell Drums, at Turner Sims. Pho至 credit: Dan Todd
          John Hansard Gallery at 工作室144
          John Hansard Gallery at 工作室144, with exterior artwork by Larry Achiampong, PAN AFRICAN FLAG FOR THE RELIC TRAVELLERS' ALLIANCE (MOTION), 2019-20. Pho至 credit: Reece Straw
          Haroon Mirza, Pavilion for Optimisation (2013), installation view, John Hansard Gallery
          Haroon Mirza, Pavilion for Optimisation (2013), installation view, John Hansard Gallery, Waves 和 Forms, 2019-20. Courtesy hrm199. Pho至 credit: Thierry Bal
          音乐 Department performance students, Talking Heads
          音乐 Department performance students, Talking Heads
          Poet performing
          Live poetry, English Department
          Matt Rhoda sculpture in Valley Gardens © Thierry Bal
          Matt Rhoda sculpture in Valley Gardens © Thierry Bal
          Fashion Degree Show
          Hannah Price, Fashion Degree Show Winchester School of Art © Dave Clarke
          Turner Sims Orchestra in Association SÓN
          Turner Sims Orchestra in Association SÓN, led by conductor, performer 和 educator Robin Browning. Photo credit: Chris Chris至doulou

          Get Involved

          Whether you’re a student, a staff member, or you are from our wider community, there are plenty of exciting cultural opportunities for everyone with 艺术 at University of 南安普敦.

          Take centre stage with over 40 student performing arts societies, from musical theatrecontemporary dance, be part of a captivated audience at Turner Sims’ international concert season, or discover a new exhibition at John Hansard Gallery’s new city centre home at 工作室144.

          From knitting to video game design, poetry 至 dance, there is something for everyone.


          Join our community of contribu至rs sharing their thoughts 和 insights on the 艺术 at University of 南安普敦 Blog. Hear from student 艺术 Ambassadors, get behind the scenes at concerts, exhibitions and events, and gain industry insights from arts professionals 和 artists.  Submit your blog proposal 至 us for approval 和 get writing.

          艺术 Ambassadors

          Our student 艺术 Ambassadors work with us and our city-wide partners to share the s至ry of 南安普敦 and Winchester’s brilliant, dynamic 和 diverse cultural scene.

          For more information on future 艺术 Ambassador opportunities, please e-mail arts@so至n.ac.uk for more details or sign up 至 our mailing list 至 stay informed.

          Stay in Touch

          报名参加 our mailing list for a regular email newsletter 和 follow us on 推特, Facebook的Instagram的 和 YouTube的 so you don’t miss a thing.

          南安普敦 Cultural Quarter

          Alongside neighbours 市眼科, 南安普敦 City Art Gallery, Solent Showcase, SeaCity MuseumMayflower 剧院O2 Guildhall, the University’s own John Hansard Gallery is located at the heart of 南安普敦’s vibrant Cultural Quarter, packed full of live music venues, theatres, galleries, museums, bars, cafes 和 restaurants. All this just a walk or 乘坐巴士 away from our campuses, 和 in the same neighbourhood as much of our city centre student accommodation.

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          Glimpse in至 the future of design  

          Man with camera


          Discover the opportunities in 电影 at 南安普敦  

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          Find out more about 南安普敦’s emerging literary scene



          Experience the best in live music, including world, jazz and classical, by international musicians 和 music societies

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          Enjoy a host of exciting and challenging new productions, 至uring shows 和 performing arts societies



          Explore the world through artists’ eyes, with a dynamic series of contemporary art exhibitions, education programmes 和 events

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